For the store there are several important things to take into account:

1.- Always think in terms of money, never about points.

When setting up your store think in terms of money and not points. Calculate the value of each item according to its cost or according to the “price” at which you want to set it. If a pair movie tickets costs XX in your local currency, that is the price you should set it in the store.

2.- Have a balance between low, medium and high ticket items.

Have items that have a low value (movie tickets, coffee cards), items of medium value (meal vouchers, flowers, chocolates, etc.) and items of high value (experiences, amusement parks etc.). This will give you a balance for people who are looking to redeem in the short, medium and long terms.

3.- Have non-material items in your branch.

We recommend that you also have items such as a day off, flexible hours, having a mentor, free or VIP parking, etc ... Items that are more about quality of life or benefits and do not directly cost the company and give a lot of value to the employee.

4.- Have a clear budget for the store.

The system includes a calculator that helps you have a clear budget for your store. It is important that you understand that not everyone redeems their points and you can also place redemption restrictions.

5.- Redemption Policies.

Use redemption policies that help reinforce the values ​​and metrics that you want to improve in your company. Examples of these policies are: Restrict redemption to people who have no absences, who have no more than x late arrivals, who have reached their production goals, have no write-ups or administrative records and have an EPIC score of x.

This will allow only team members who really deserve it to redeem their points at the store. These redemption policies must be clearly published in the Community > Organization section.

6.- Remember that the Prize Store is the "icing on the cake" and not "the cake itself".

Always remember and notify your staff that the store is not the reason why they should participate. The reason to participate is to improve the climate and culture of the organization.

The organization is offering everyone a powerful tool to accurately and safely communicate their feelings about themselves and their coworkers. That is the real value of the system. The way in which the organización encourages and appreciates their participation is through the Store, but this is only a small token of appreciation.

Items in the Prize Store:

1.- Benefits:

These are items with no cost or and indirect cost for the organization. This means that that there is no need to pay for them to a third party.

We suggest that you have at least 5 to 10 benefits and the value of those are be calculated in terms of "weeks", meaning how many weeks it will take a person to earn enough points if they participate every day.

Benefits - Point Value

Examples with approximate week values:

  • Arrive 2 hours later to work - 8 weeks (4480)

  • Leave 2 hours earlier - 8 weeks (4480)

  • Flexible schedule for one week - 6 weeks (3660)

  • Free Day off - 10 Weeks (5600)

  • Extra lunch hour - 4 weeks (2240)

  • Dress casual for a whole week - 3 weeks (1680)

  • VIP Parking for One week - 18 weeks (10080)

  • Choose a mentor in the company for a week - 7 weeks (3920)

  • One free hour during the day for whatever you need (PTO) - 5 weeks (2800)

  • Work from home for a day - 20 weeks (11200)

  • Work from home for a week - 35 weeks (19600)

  • Choose your favorite job for a day - 5 weeks (2800)

  • Choose your favorite job for doing a week - 10 weeks (5600)

  • Use of your boss's office for a day - 13 weeks (7280)

  • Bring your pet for a day - 14 weeks (7840)

  • Trade jobs with your boss for a day - 21 weeks (11760)

2.- Products

These items do have a direct cost for the organization. Unlike Benefits, Products are affected by the conversion rate set in the Prize Store.

A.- Low Cost Ideas:

  • Movie tickets

  • Haircut

  • Public Transportation voucher

  • Gift card

  • Gourmet Tea or Coffee

  • Flower arrangement

  • Free parking voucher

  • Lunch voucher

  • Balloons

  • Car wash

  • Ice Cream or Dessert

B.- Medium Cost Ideas:

  • SPA treatment

  • Wine bottle

  • Gourmet Cheese

  • Cooking class

  • Pizza for the team

  • Relaxing massage

  • Yoga class

  • Class at the Gym

  • Manicure or Pedicure

  • Hair Treatment

  • Hair removal

  • Makeup

C.- High Cost Ideas:

  • Dinner for two

  • Gift basket

  • Concert Tickets

  • Lunch with the President

  • Hotel night

  • Office chair

  • Electronic equipment

  • Cover for a night club

  • Local Amusement Park tickets

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