It's normal for every company to have some team members who stay on the sidelines do not to participate in employee surveys and systems such as Clarity Wave.

in some cases this could be for reasons as simple as having a lack of tools or the technical knowledge needed to do so.

But in many other cases, this lack of participation can have a much deeper

and revealing implication.

That's why we offer you the following recommendations to help you maximize the involvement of your employees.

1- Solve any issue related to the onboarding of every user in the system.

Make sure that all the people who aren't participating are well informed about

the program, so that they understand what it's for and that they've read the Welcome to Clarity Wave PDF.

2- Solve any technical issues.

Make sure that the email addresses are entered correctly in Clarity Wave.

Make sure that all the emails don't end up in the JUNK or SPAM folder of the team member and if they are, make sure you white list our domain (

3- Solve any access problems.

This is where you'll need to empower people to access Clarity Wave so they

can answer the surveys and interact in The Community. Remember that, on

average, the weekly surveys only take 2-4 minutes, tops, and the daily Mood and Climate Pulse checks take less than 1 minute.

It's important for the employees to have access, whether on a computer, a smartphone, tablet, or even a shared computer within the

organization's network. Ideally, you'd give people a space for them to feel safe and encouraged to complete the surveys.


It's crucial for the organization and for all of its directors and managers to understand that this system is 100% voluntary, meaning that the employees should't feel obliged or forced to participate. There should be a sense of support and motivation for them to become involved, rather than spreading a sense of forced participation.

Once the 3 items above have been taken care of and you know that those

people who aren't participating simply aren't motivated to do so, you're actually left with HIGHLY valuable information with which you can start working on as soon as possible.

Remember that in most organizations about 7 out of every 10 people feel disengaged and unmotivated. Therefore, this could be the first clue in order to identify who these people may be within your own company.


1- Take the time to understand individually why these employees aren't participating. In other words, “why don’t they believe that something can and will change in the organization?”

2- Figure out who is unmotivated, disengaged or dissatisfied with the organization and begin working on moving them towards a mindset of greater participation. This is where you can help turn around the unmotivated employees and identify the ones who are actively dissatisfied and causing others to stop participating as well. In those cases you might have to make tougher decisions.

3- By listening to the dissatisfied employees you may find areas of improvement that could eventually have a great positive impact. At this stage of the process, listening becomes the most valuable part and from there, you can work out what will have the biggest impact.

4- Evaluate whether, with the new measures taken, people start to participate more in Clarity Wave and therefore become more engaged in your organization.

If you have any doubt regarding what has been presented in this document, we're here to help you.

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