This brief article will provide you with all the necessary steps for you to follow in order to make the launch of the Clarity Wave system as easy, effective and enjoyable experience as possible for you and your team members.



The first thing we need to get started on your site is to have your Employee Matriz correctly filled out and segmented into groups. For this you will need to schedule an appointment with our Customer Success team who will guide you through this simple process.

Schedule your appointment here: EMPLOYEE MATRIX SESSION

Please email us your logo so we can add it to the website and give your employees an added sense of security.


Email Messages

The way in which the management presents this new initiative will strongly affect the success of this system.

Based on our experience, the more involved all the leaders are, the more participation and engagement there will be among the rest of the staff.

Clarity Wave should not be presented as something people “have” to do, because the “boss says so”, but instead, it should be presented as something people “want” to do because of the benefits it will give them in the short, medium, and long runs.

In order to give you some ideas, here's an email template below that you can modify and send.

Sample Email Message:

Dear Team Member,

At [NAME OF YOUR COMPANY], we want to improve our organizational culture and work environment.

For this purpose we have hired a software system called Clarity Wave which will help us identify, define, and recognize our areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Unlike traditional surveys, with Clarity Wave the results from the surveys not only will show Management which areas need to be improved, but will also give YOU, personally, valuable information about how you are being perceived by your peers.

We strongly believe that good feedback is key in order to grow as a company, and as an individual.

Participation in Clarity Wave is 100% voluntary, but we are confident that once you see its potential and how it works, you will want to be part of this continuous improvement initiative.

Furthermore, Clarity Wave includes a very robust community component that will allow you to offer suggestions and ideas, add comments, message your team mates and learn about the latest news and updates from [NAME OF YOUR COMPANY].

With some exceptions, your answer to the survey questions are ANONYMOUS. Both Management and you will know WHAT is said about you, but not WHO said it. So rest assured that your voice and your answers will always be protected by this anonymity. We look forward to having you on board.

As we all can imagine, by working as a team we will be able to achieve all of our goals and make [NAME OF YOUR COMPANY] a better place to work.




The Clarity Wave system includes graphic materials, documents and articles that will help you

create a positive expectation among your team members.

Remember that the more your staff feels like something big is about to happen, the greater their participation will be.

The idea behind these graphic materials is to start communicating what Clarity Wave is all about and thus generate curiosity about:

1- What the program does.

2- What is measured about each individual

3- Ways to interact in The Community

4- The importance of anonymity and

5- The points/rewards and their uses.


We have designed a series of posters for different stages of your organization's journey with Clarity Wave.

We suggest you print these out in color and in high

quality resolution 11x14.

1- Pre-launch / Teaser

2- Categories, Subcategories and Indexes

3- System information

You can download all the posters in different formats here.


Download and distribute this short PDF to all your team members. This document explains what the system does.

You can download the Welcome to Clarity Wave PDF here


The big day has arrived!

We suggest, if possible, getting all the staff together on the last Friday before the launch and giving them a brief explanation of the big change that is about to start happening in the organization.

It’s important to help people feel at ease that Clarity Wave is a system that will help everyone.

It’s worth mentioning that unlike other annual surveys, Clarity Wave is going to give them a lot of value, not only through the earned points, badges, stickers and recognitions, but also through real feedback that everyone will receive from people they work with every day.

We have produced a PDF "Kickoff" presentation that you can download and present to your teams.

There are two versions:

1- Full screen PDF

2- PDF with speaker notes, which you can use to help you present.

You can download the Kickoff presentation files here.


Over the next few days after the launch of Clarity Wave, you will notice a different atmosphere in your organization.

Your employees will have a lot of questions and, in the beginning, not everyone will feel comfortable participating in the surveys.

This is normal.

We suggest that you keep monitoring participation in the system and identify those who are not answering the surveys a few weeks after the launch.

In some cases, it’s common that the employee simply isn’t able to access the system due to some technical issue.

Maybe they forgot their password, don’t know how to login or haven’t received any of the weekly emails with their access link.

(Here's an article that can help you improve the participation levels)

We are always ready to help you at Clarity Wave, not just you as the system’s administrator, but also your staff. Remember that you can always get help and support by clicking on this icon, from any page on your site.


Even though Clarity Wave uses weekly emails to notify users when a new survey is available, it doesn’t mean that people who do not have an email address (company or even personal) cannot participate.

If someone doesn’t have their own email address, they will be assigned a “ghost” address so that they can use it in the “email (username)” section when logging into the system.

This "Ghost address" will consist of the first and last name that you provided to us in the Personnel Matrix and will have the suffix “”.

For example, if John Doe does not have an account, his username will be

The temporary password for these users will be the company's name, as it appears at the beginning of the URL, before “” followed by “2020”.

For example: “apple2020”, “mcdonalds2020

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