Managing the suggestion box and its possible solutions

The suggestion box is intended to establish a dynamic communication between the company and its employees.

For this communication to be efficient, it’s necessary for the comments to be acknowledged quickly and effectively.

The more proactive the company is in managing the opinions, suggestions and opportunities for improvement, the better the quality of the comments will be. This significant communication and work transparency process generates a positive impact on the organizational climate and a higher participation rate of the employees.

The following process is a simple yet powerful way to turn the points of friction and conflict into areas of opportunity that create cohesion within the teams.

Follow-Up Process for Suggestions:

1- Approach the people who made the suggestion.

IMPORTANT: The suggestions in Clarity Wave are not anonymous. This has been done on purpose so you can do the proper follow up in case you have additional questions.

2- Create a committee of 3 to 5 people whose job positions in the company are most appropriate to find solutions and make decisions on improvement actions.

3- Establish the work dynamics of the committee and come up with proposals for continuous improvement.

4- Publish the agreements and improvement initiatives.

5- Execute the initiatives.

6- Publish the results.

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