The Rooted Index is the one that measures how much the people within the company are "rooted". This index tells us how much the people who collaborate in the company will feel really part of it.

When we measure the Rooted Index, which is the average of 3 important Categories within Clarity Wave: Identity, Camaraderie and Work Commitment, the result tells us how well people wear their "company colors" but, even more so, how much they are willing to "roll up their sleeves". That is, it tells us how much people really feel part of the company or if this is just another "job" for them.



Is the Category by which we measure how much affinity there is with the company, its work teams and the work that each person performs. In this dimension, we measure how people are identified with the organization and with those who are part of it. The more identity exists in the organization, the stronger will be the level of attachment that people feel for wanting to belong to that group.


Is the Category by which the coworker describes how hospitable, close and intimate the relationship with the company and its people is. When we measure the fellowship that we feel, we measure how much people feel comfortable with the group, how much a "win-win" philosophy exists in the team. When there is a high level of fellowship, things flow easily, and everybody is part of the solutions, regardless of whose problem it is. A lighter environment will prevail in which there is strength in numbers. This energy makes people feel more rooted as they feel welcome and part of the group.


This Category measures your level of commitment as perceived by others who are working with you. This includes your level of involvement, satisfaction, life balance and your attunement to the company. This Category not only shows how loyal and committed you are to the company, but also how much real effort, sweat and tears and contribution to the common good of the team you bring to the table in order to move forward.

As you can see in the previous definitions, the Rooted Index is the compendium of how involved we feel with our individual work, with the work team in which we perform and with the company. Also how "at home" we feel with our coworkers and how much wellbeing we perceive within our work experience.

These factors will determine how much of an "insider" we feel, how involved we are with the group, with our work and with the organization where we work. Rooted is often that intangible feeling that leads us to make decisions. It's that level of belonging, hospitality and happiness that makes us grow our roots and build a metaphorical nest in the companies where we work. When there is a high level of rooting, people stop seeing their workplace as simply that, and start seeing it as their "professional home", as a place where they can grow and spend their professional life with people with whom they feel related, respected, involved and happy.

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